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Former Commando Mick Bainbridge who featured in last night’s Australian Story on ABC TV - has called on Prime Minister Turnbull to take over a drawnout Army investigation – after a deliberately false military report caused a NSW police raid on Mr Bainbridge’s family home.

“I’d like the PM to give my family a guarantee that they were not the victims of a crime – namely an act of deliberate reprisal by a Senior Army Officer – because I chose to speak out about my mental health and work entitlements.

“Defence Minister Marise Payne personally promised me in Canberra in late 2016 - that my matter would be investigated in a timely manner - and close to 18 months have passed since our meeting and no resolution is in sight. This extraordinary delay means I’ve lost confidence in the Minister to properly do her job.

“In addition, I don’t trust the Army to impartially investigate themselves. Unnecessary legal delaying tactics and two major independent investigations into serious crimes committed in the military (DLA Piper Defence Abuse Report Volume 2 calling for a Royal Commission and a damning NSW police report Operation Civet, into the Jedi Council Sex scandal) have raised important, unanswered questions over the ability of the Australian Army to investigate itself for serious crime in an honest, competent manner.

“That’s why I call on the PM to take charge and establish an independent investigation. He’s the only one who has the power and ability to quickly get to the bottom of this mess and deliver justice to my family,” said Mr Bainbridge.

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