The Toxic Heavy Metals Taskforce Tasmania are concerned over recent results from heavy metal tests conducted on a kitchen bench top water filter system from a home in Rosebery.

The results from NATA accredited Sydney Analytical Laboratories have shown some high levels of metals in the water filter including lead, copper, zinc and manganese.

Spokesperson for THMTT Kay Seltitzas said

“A concerned resident contacted us after their Portable Counter Top System water filter became totally clogged after only eight months in use.  The filter was meant to last for one year.

“While the results are indicative that the Rosebery drinking water supply has heavy metals in it more research needs to be done.  This research is not the responsibility of our Taskforce.

“Until now Rosebery residents believed that their town water was safe to drink.  Rosebery draws it’s water supply from the Stit River which is known to be contaminated from acid mine drainage,  leachate from tailings dams and historic mining activity. 

“We have sent these water filter results to Dr Roscoe Taylor and asked him to immediately conduct the necessary resarch into the presence of metals in the Rosebery drinking water.

“We have also written to Cradle Mountain Water requesting that they provide all households in Rosebery with a Domestic Reverse Osmosis water filtration system as these are the only filtration systems that can remove both soluble and insoluble metals from the drinking water in Rosebery.

“Monitoring of drinking water for metals in Rosebery, up until now,  has only been done once a year. These water filter results show that this has proved to be inadequate and as a result potentially put the communities health at risk. Routine weekly monitoring of water needs to be conducted as a matter of urgency.

“Every person paying for water in Tasmania should not have to pay for their own water filtration systems and has a right to expect safe and clean water.” said Ms Seltitzas

Download Chain of Custody and Results from Sydney Analytical Laboratories: