Image for Cr Mike Wilson’s Facebook page ...

On February 27th at 8.16pm a “Facebook friend” of Cr Wilson posted a comment on Councillor Wilson’s Facebook page stating as follows:

Peter Briers:  Mike, I am with you all the way. About time councillor Coad realised he has at least the best GM HVC has ever had. The only solution is time travel and strangle the child a birth*

Eight days later and this comment remains on Cr Wilson’s Facebook page. Cr Wilson also has a private Mike Wilson Facebook account; this is his official “Councillor” Facebook account.

I have written to Cr Wilson requesting he remove this disgusting, possibly even illegal insult from his page and that he post an apology to Mayor Coad. No such thing has happened and I have not heard from Cr Wilson by either phone or email.

I have also written to Minister Peter Gutwein and the Board of Inquiry over this matter.

The Minister’s Office has advised me “You will receive a reply as soon as possible.”

*This week Cardinal George Pell was reminded by Justice Peter McClellan, chairman of the Royal Commission into child sex abuse, that knowledge of wrongdoing alone can result in culpability.