That’s why the Punch-and-Judy show in Parliament doesn’t really matter all that much. Cheek’s time there is a tale of low farce, hilarious fecklessness, superlatively acrobatic treachery, deadpan hypocrisy and comical party-room fisticuffs (literally). He has more than a passing resemblance to John Cleese, and with Paul Lennon playing Aunty Jack, Jim Bacon as Fu Manchu and an unsuccessful stand-up comedian as campaign manager, the stage was set for a long-running comedy of errors.

The media weren’t kind to him, either, but Cheek’s propensity for taking pratfalls must have been hard to resist. And Enoch Powell’s dictum that politicians who complain about the media are like ships’ captains who complain about the sea is doubly true for ex-journalists who go into politics. There’s not much the hacks like more than a bit of cannibalism.

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