They have to lie in their own droppings.
Or is that Lay in your own droppings? in, “They laid a big egg!”
Whatever the correct word is, the people have lost again and government points their fingers
at privatised business which they hatched and say,
“Nothing we can do about it…that is the law.
“We are powerless…”

Now that is one big rotten egg just laid…or is it lied…or perhaps
lain. Or for the Future Perfect, “Will have lain…”  Or is that “Will have lied…?”

Roll us over…in the clover….

NOW I get it, “...lay me down and do it again!”

Buck and Joan Emberg
Let’s see now…was that a “Line in the sand” our Prime Mover drew?
Or was it “Lying in the sand”?
Or, perhaps, it was “Laying in the sand?”
Or, perhaps we missed the nuance and it is a “Lie in the sand!”
The trouble with privatisation of organizations like Forestry is that government loses control
of what was theirs but now is “theirs” and there you go…