Image for Brum Bramich Kicks a Goal

When you talk about the tough men from Tassie
Most think about the hardened convicts, bushrangers and the whalers.
Top of my list, a giant man called Brum Bramich.
Brum played full forward for Devonport and Latrobe and was one of a hand full of men hear tell,
Good enough to play in the VFL.
He kicked on average 122 goals for more than a dozen years,
Most of the goals kicked over 60 yards and more.
You will never see the like, now or before.
His legs were like tree trunks
His head as hard as a cannon ball
His fists made of steel
He moved like a steam train up the field
Grown men shrunk in fear when they knew Brum Bramich was near.
At home in the bush he felled Blackwood with an axe
He pulled timber logs from the forests with oxen or carried them on his back
He drank beer by the keg   at   The Sheffield Hotel…
He bred cattle and fat lambs on the Kentish Plains and butchered them well with an iron blade.
The ladies all loved this man of rugged appeal
Gentle and kind and handy as well
His deep blue eyes and big wide smile was too much for the women for many a mile.
They say the knickers of many used to disappear so quick he barely had time to tap on his stick.