It’s a form of recreation that’s second to none.
After a good game there are no losers, it was surely great fun.
You retire to the bar ready for a snort
Anything will do but certainly not port.
You shout for each other, the best of mates
And reminisce about past bowlers we all knew as greats

It’s a relatively cheap form of sport
Certainly not expensive and little needs to be bought.
It’s a universal game for the old and the young.
Even the infirm its praises will be sung.
So don’t be timid - give it a go
You’ll be made welcome wherever you go.

Bob Wilson

Bob Wilson (A promotional poem)
You can’t find a pastime that is suitable for you ?
Try lawn bowls. There are many reasons it may well do.
It is a gentle form of exercise and provides enough walking
To satisfy your needs and far better than talking
About last night’s TV or who will win the next race.
There’s no great hurry-just play at your own pace.