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Just as I was preparing a piece on the self-promoting so-called flamboyant inarticulate antipodean frog-mayor Bertrand Cadart, he has raced ahead of me…straight to the Hobart Magistrate’s Court, presuming of course there is only one Bertrand Cadart.

At time of writing, Betrand Cadart was due to appear at 10 am before a magistrate on a speeding charge, to be exact 1 count of exceed speed limit (Speed Limit sign).

There’s not much one can really say beyond that from an unprivileged position of writing from a desk in the wide electorate of the mayor, except that it coincides with my intention to write a piece on how well the cops do their job in small towns as Orford. In the face of uncertainty with a looming election with the continuum of police-numbers speculation, good old Bertrand better known as Le Frog, has flavoured the piece by being nabbed, presumably on his motor-bike. This two-wheeled PR icon of mayoral association has promoted my home town and nearbys as a biker-destination since Le Frog got one for free in the early days of his political self-promotion. As for me I hate the arrogance of this mob, racing past law-compliant ‘slow’ cars on narrow roads as the famous Paradise strip along the Prosser River at Orford.

They appear out of nowhere, as dots in the rear-view and blllaaaaat have passed and vanished into the tight turns beyond. Too damned fast I have often mused to be nabbed by a speed-gun. So good on you fellas for nabbing the speeding frog. Will be interesting to see where, when, why, how it happened. Anytime now as I post this to the TT at just a few minutes before his appearance before the beak. I am presuming it will be given coverage. I missed Aunty radio news this morning and am presuming maybe there was a small piece on it. Well I would have got it up as a news item anyway being a practitioner of the nasty, meddling arts of that ancient trade.

Well I found it the online court-lists…not like in the old days of checking the lists outside the court room after a long walk and simply presume that the journos did.

And being super-presumptuous, I would expect there to be more than a modicum of interest in Le Frog, the new boy on the Liberal Party block,  make that blog as well, for Bertrand has put his Candidacy hand up and is leaping from the third tier to the first of good governance.

So not being present in the court room, this is what I expect to hear from the Fourth Estate about his appearance. To where was he rushing…perhaps a Lib Party meeting. Was he on his famous bike? How much beyond the allowed speed was he tracking? Did he actually attend the court appearance? Was he fast-tracked as first-up before the magistrate? Did he lose his licence at a most important time of Lyons-wide electioneering…or because of it ?

I attended a meeting not so long ago at Triabunna over some issues that I’m still waiting for outcomes before I do a piece for the TT. The mayor matched the hostility of the mood of the public on issues as transferring private medical records from our GP’s to a central computer.

“I vill not be taking questions. Ziss is not a public meeting. I vill lock you out and close ze meeting if you continue to interrupt,” said the man from a proud nation that, lest we forget, helped shape modern democracy…even if with a guillotine. Damn, my deadline is nearing, so I must hurry, but one question came from the floor from a temeritus, scurrilous, former journaleeest.

“One final unofficial question Mr Mayor. People are so pissed off here today, do you think we might see a mayoral resignation…?”

A short pause and lots of chuckling at a considered reply, “Any zing could ‘appen here today’.

I do hope the media don’t see his appearance in the Magistrate’s Court today as too insignificant to report on. Given the sensational nature of reporting today on piddling issues, I hope to see a headline in The Merc, The Examiner,The Advocate, maybe even Aunty…after all any publicity for a contender for parliament is good publicity.