I was once a huge fan, in fact he was my favourite player with the team but now I really do wonder what he is all about. He seems content on self-destructing.

I am of the opinion that his career should be over following this latest incident. I am all for the innocent until proven guilty theory but it is not just about him being guilty or not guilty of a criminal offence. It is about the fact that as an AFL player he should be a role model for the kids playing footy at junior level. He cannot possibly be considered a role model given all of the incidents he has been involved in.

I believe that Cousins has been given so many chances because of his brilliance as a player and that a lesser player would have been shown the door a long time ago.

What is most disappointing about this latest incident is that I read that Cousins had taken a voluntary drug test after the death of Chris Mainwaring. It is disappointing, because he was with Chris when he died and he wanted to prove that he had not been doing drugs at that time. I thought, his willingness to do this was great and that he was finally trying to get himself together so that he could continue his career and we could enjoy watching him at his best. However, this incidence has proved he is far from rehabilitated.

I acknowledge that Mainwaring’s death may have been very distressing for Cousins but I would have thought it would have been a lesson for him on what not to do. In other words that it would have convinced him once and for all that drugs was not the way to go.

I hope that both the West Coast Eagles and the AFL will now take a tougher approach to drugs and that the kids realise that just because someone plays AFL, does not mean they are a worthy role model.

I also hope that losing his career, if that happens, which it looks like it will, that it is the wake up call that he needs. I would hate to see Cousins end up where Mainwaring (I should point out that I am not saying that Mainwaring died of a drug overdose) is and at this stage it seems, it is a strong possibility.

Brooke Eastley A fan

As a West Coast Eagles supporter, I am disgusted to hear of the latest drama involving Ben Cousins.