Image for AFL Tasmania chief Scott Wade quits after 16 years in job

Scott Wade has resigned as chief executive of AFL Tasmania after 16 years in the job.

Wade’s departure comes ahead of the soon-to-be-released review into AFL in Tasmania, that has been conducted by former chief executive of the Western Bulldogs Simon Garlick.

The AFL has paid tribute to Wade in a statement saying he had been a strong and dedicated administrator.

Wade has run Tasmanian football since 1999, when he was promoted from the general manager of Clarence to head the state football body.

After two years with Clarence, Wade was promoted to run football in Tasmania. The first hurdle came just months into the job, when in 2000 the Football Tasmania statewide league was abandoned with financially struggling clubs opting to return to their district competitions.

…After the demise of the state competition,  Wade was involved in forming the Tasmanian Devils which competed in the Victorian Football League (VFL) until 2008.

The Devils had mixed results on field, and off-field headlines included a short lived alignment with North Melbourne and the departure of coach Darryn Cresswell. When the Devils folded, Wade established a revamped statewide competition.

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• Robert Newitt in Comments: Many people in Tasmania are dismayed as to the position of Australian Rules Football in Tasmania, and they have good reason. Let me tell you a couple of things that I believe are true and factual about what has occurred …