Image for AFL asked to shed light on oval upgrades. Tunnel collapses

A comprehensive plan for southern Tasmanian ovals has been requested by the Greens at Hobart City Council.

Deputy Lord Mayor Ald Helen Burnet last night called on AFL Tasmania to present to the Council a strategic plan of which ovals they are considering upgrading, particularly for night mathces.

The request was brought on by the development application for a major upgrade of lights at the TCA grounds, voted on last night at the Hobart City Council meeting. Ald Burnet voted against the upgrade, believing that the scale of the lights was unsuitable for the area and heritage oval.

“It struck me that AFL Tasmania has no overall plan for the myriad of football ovals in our region, and councils and their communities are left guessing as to which might be upgraded for night games and which might not.

“AFL Tasmania should be able to specify what they want to see happen at the grounds around southern Tasmania, including the Hobart municipality. Presently we do not know which they have earmarked as night training grounds, and which they believe need to be upgraded to host more senior games at night.

Ald Burnet was concerned for potential overdevelopment in some sites.

“When there is a need for upgrading for training lights then that’s the type of lighting with a lower lux output and lower pole height than for premier league matches. I want to see sporting clubs thriving and supported but by the same token whacking in the biggest lighting towers is not only an expensive outlay but is over-development in some areas” she said.

In other council issues:

Tunnel Collapses

Alderman Philip Cocker has welcomed the response from the Infrastructure Minister David O Byrne to the proposal to build a traffic tunnel in Hobart. “The Minister has exposed the traffic tunnel proposed by Alderman Thomas with the support of Senator Bushby as a nonsense by a simple look at traffic movements in Hobart”, Alderman Cocker said.

“The Minister has pointed out to Alderman Thomas and Senator Bushby in response to a letter from the Lord Mayor that the majority of traffic that might use a tunnel is actually destined for the CBD and there is little through traffic”, Alderman Cocker said.

“I think Alderman need to very careful that Council resources and time are not wasted pursuing projects for which we have already done the research. 

“I urge Alderman Thomas and Senator Bushby to support the council’s Sustainable Transport policy and the Sandy Bay cycleway both of which are based on sound research and will benefit the city and the community in the long term”, Alderman Cocker said.

The matter is listed for discussion at the Council’s infrastructure meeting on Wednesday the 2nd of May. 

The agenda and associated papers are available at