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First published August 3

Statement on Citizenship ...

“In 1968 I was born in Singapore. My parents were there while my father was serving with the RAAF as part of the Australia’s Vietnam War efforts.

“Under Singapore law I could not have become a citizen of Singapore by birth unless one of my parents was also an existing Singapore citizen. Singapore also does not allow dual citizenships for adults.

“There is no circumstance under which I could have inadvertently become a citizen of Singapore.

“Today I have released a document from the Singapore High Commission showing that I am not a citizen of Singapore.

“Since the resignations from the Senate of Scott Ludlam and Larissa Waters a number of MPs have taken steps to clarify their status.

“The Greens want there to be a full audit of the status of members and senators.

“I am calling on all members and senators to release their documents to ease public concerns.

“There are still questions around the eligibility of Tasmanian Liberal Senator Eric Abetz at the time he was first elected. I understand that he has never publicly released documents showing he took all reasonable steps to relinquish his German citizenship.

“Accusations that Senator Abetz may have sat wrongly in the Australian Senate for up to 16 years need to be cleared up.

“Given the significant public interest in this issue it is high time Senator Abetz proves he has nothing to hide and publicly releases documentation to put himself beyond doubt.”

Download letter from Singapore High Commission HERE ...

• John Hawkins in Comments: … Is it because such a scenario would bankrupt his mate, friend and mentor Uncle Erich with 16 years of knowingly sitting illegally in the Senate? Uncle Erich, have you put the mockers on this Brandis plan to torture the Greens in order to save your own financial skin in the rotten game that is Federal politics. Club membership is all important; to break ranks is death. So congratulations Senator WW. If you ask the questions, Abetz has either got to lie or resign …