The power of Forestry over the Tasmanian community is vividly portrayed by this obvious and serious plantation fire hazard in the centre of a residential district in Deloraine.

It is on a slope and the known prevailing winds will blow the smoke and ensuing fireball into the adjoining school and residences.

At the resulting enquiry, should a disaster occur, I can tell you now, no one will be to blame.

Opposed by residents and Council at the time, this Private Timber Reserve is outside the control of the planning authorities. As a result, the appeal fell on deaf ears (Download: Huett_1206.pdf).  It was found, as always with forestry interests in this state to be inviolate.

The obvious placement of a Private Timber Reserve (PTR) plantation alongside existing homes - using as the facilitator the unique-to-Tasmania Government Business Enterprise Private Forests Tasmania (PFT) - would indicate, I suggest in this particular case, a clear example of the corruption of due process.

Once declared by PFT - for a small fee - as a PTR, it falls outside the planning scheme; thereby confirming the inherent power of this Lib/Lab legislation and the then power of Gunns/ Forestry to exercise their power over the people of this state.

The PTR was appealed before The Forest Practices Tribunal as “Private Timber Reserve Application No 1206”, in Launceston on 21 December 1999 before Mr Justice Pitt QC, who during his time hearing many of these cases rarely granted an appeal ... whatever the circumstances.

In this particular case the PTR was on 3.85 hectares adjoining three residential streets in Deloraine. Some 1,200 nitens per hectare were initially planted, a total of some 4,500 trees.

Think of that in terms of a 7 acre bonfire 25 feet high just outside your front door;  when no Private Timber Reserve should be granted on an area of less than 5 hectares.

Nothing but nothing stops forestry in this state - especially when funded by the taxpayer and backed by the Lib/Labs. Only Greens or Independents holding the balance of power can exert any form of control over this proven lethal duopoly.

Hence their undying and absolute hatred of those who can control their god-given right to dole out this type of toxic and corrupt largesse.

Why was the subject of fire never mentioned or raised at the appeal by either side - or more importantly Pitt who dismissed the appeal with costs as they lay.

Hall, and later Shelton - both former mayors of Deloraine/Meander and Liberal Party hacks now morphed into state pollies, are powerful backers of the PTR system, the clearfelling and burning of the Tiers, the PAL policy and Abetzian MIS-scam plantations.

Deloraine is the epicentre of their patch.

I ask: Are they proud of this Deloraine plantation, an extreme fire hazard adjoining a residential area, created by a system that they have both worked tirelessly to promote and seemingly to this day, still endorse to the full?

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