Image for Major Tasmanian Political Parties Confirm Support For Permanent Super Trawler Ban

Tasmania’s three major political parties have responded to public concern about the impact of super trawlers and confirmed their support for a permanent ban.

However, the threat of factory fishing creating a ‘domino effect’, decimating fish stocks, jobs and local economies remains unless the federal government puts a permanent ban in place, the Stop the Trawler alliance said today.

“The Stop the Trawler Alliance welcomes the announcement by Tasmania’s Labor, Liberal and Greens parties to support a permanent ban on super trawlers in Australian waters,” said Rebecca Hubbard, Marine Coordinator of Environment Tasmania and Coordinator of the Stop the Trawler Alliance.

The Stop the Trawler Alliance’s advertising campaign will now focus on the Abbott Government to put a permanent ban in place.

“Conservation and recreational fishing groups have worked together to show our political decision makers that the threat of super trawlers on our marine environment, fisheries and local industries, is unnecessary and unwanted.”

Northern recreational fisher and Alliance member Todd Lambert said Tasmanian Senator Richard Colbeck is the ‘last man standing’ in supporting super trawlers.

“We are encouraged that the major Tasmanian parties have taken a stand on this issue but now the spotlight is on Senator Colbeck and the federal government to legislate a permanent ban on super trawlers,” Mr Lambert said.

“Following Friday’s Federal Court decision to maintain the 2yr ban, a tripartite position from Tasmanian political parties, and a majority of community support, there is nothing standing in the way of the Abbott Government protecting the breeding and feeding grounds of all our fish by permanently banning super trawlers in Australian waters,” Mr Lambert said.

“We have just nine months left to secure protection for our fisheries and local industries before the two-year ban ends, and it is critical that Tasmanian Senator Colbeck and the Abbott Federal Government act to immediately to ban industrial super trawlers from Australian waters,” said Nobby Clarke of Game Fish Tasmania.

The Stop the Trawler Alliance is an alliance of over twenty international, national and state fishing and environment organisations.

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