Image for $600,000 Roos Bellerive-bound?

THE State Government is poised to announce a $600,000-a-year deal to bring AFL football to Southern Tasmania.

The Examiner understands it has all but signed off on two games a year at Bellerive Oval, with taxpayers to chip in $300,000 a match.

Businesses and a consortium of Southern Tasmanian councils would each contribute a further $150,000.

North Melbourne, which was close to reaching a Tasmanian deal last year, is the most likely Bellerive tenant.

An announcement is likely within a week.

A Kangaroos spokesman said last night that the club wouldn’t comment on its involvement in any deal before an announcement was made.

The Bellerive deal would be in addition to the government’s five-year sponsorship of Hawthorn, which plays at least four games a year at Aurora Stadium in Launceston.

It comes at a time of deep financial trouble for the state government, with public servants awaiting news of expected job losses under state budget cuts.

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